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By chattertons, Aug 30 2016 08:52AM

A recent study by the University of Leeds following the examination of data of around 600,000 heart attack cases has identified that almost a third of patients in England and Wales receive an incorrect diagnosis after suffering a heart attack.

NHS England commented that it was sorking to improve the diagnosis of heart attacks in light of this study which revealed that women were 50% more likely than men to have an initial diagnosis different to their final diagnosis.

Over 198,534 patients were initially misdiagnosed between the research period of April 2004 to March 2013. It involved 243 NHS hospitals in England and Wales and included patients aged between 18 to 100 years of age.

A misdiagnosis of heart attack symptoms can lead to a medical negligence claim where the delay in diagnosis or complete misdiagnosis caused further complications or an exacerbation of symptoms.

If you may have been misdiagnosed first of all seek urgent medical attention before then contacting gocompensate.com (Chattertons Personal Injury and Medical Negligence team) on 0330 102 55 55.