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Personal Injury News

By chattertons, Nov 22 2016 12:04PM

The Government’s proposal to increase the small claims limit for personal injury cases from £1,000 to £5,000 could leave many accident victims without access to justice.

Currently, a successful claimant can recover their legal costs provided that the compensation for their injuries is more than £1,000. If the limit is increased, claimants will only be able to claim back legal costs if they recover more than £5,000 for their injuries.

Typically, injuries have to cause more than 2 years’ pain and suffering for the claim to exceed £5,000. A fractured finger is usually worth no more than £4,000 for example, while a back, shoulder or neck injury causing symptoms for 1-2 years is likely to be worth £2,000 to £6,500.

But very often, victims suffer other financial losses. A secretary, builder or surgeon with a fractured finger or back injury could lose thousands in pay for time off work.

The fear is that genuine accident victims will no longer be able to afford legal representation to bring a claim. The proposal has received criticism across the board. Law Society president Robert Bourns said:

'These proposals will completely undermine the right of ordinary people to receive full and proper compensation from those that have injured them - often seriously - through negligence. This five-fold increase will stop people getting the legal advice they need in order to bring claims for the compensation they are entitled to in law.

'People may be tempted to try to bring claims themselves without expert advice. This will clog up the court system, creating a David and Goliath situation where people recovering from their injuries act as litigants in person without legal advice - those defending claims can often afford to pay for legal advice. This undermines ordinary people's ability to access justice - especially if defendants refuse to accept liability, forcing people to fight through the courts without legal help.

'Spinning this proposal as an attack on the 'compensation culture' and claiming it will reduce premiums is misleading. If you are injured through no fault of your own you should be allowed to claim for that.'

By chattertons, Oct 17 2016 02:28PM

North Hykeham's 'Crossroads Medical Practice' on Lincoln Road has been branded as 'Inadequate' by the Care Quality Commission with particular concerns including an ineffective system for keeping children safe, lack of leadership, poor communication and poor administration.

The level of care provided to patients was classed as 'good' by health watchdogs in February this year, however this was downgraded as requiring improvement.

The Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Marc Jones is a patient at the surgery and tweeted "The same surgery I called 59 times yesterday to be told call again next week to book for the week after".

As of 15th October 2016 the medical practice remains in special measures and will receive a further audit in six months.

On a national scale there has been widespread criticism of medical centres causing unnecessary delays in accessing medical attention due to administration of appointments and a reluctance of some patients to describe their medical conditions to GP Surgery staff.

By chattertons, Aug 30 2016 08:52AM

A recent study by the University of Leeds following the examination of data of around 600,000 heart attack cases has identified that almost a third of patients in England and Wales receive an incorrect diagnosis after suffering a heart attack.

NHS England commented that it was sorking to improve the diagnosis of heart attacks in light of this study which revealed that women were 50% more likely than men to have an initial diagnosis different to their final diagnosis.

Over 198,534 patients were initially misdiagnosed between the research period of April 2004 to March 2013. It involved 243 NHS hospitals in England and Wales and included patients aged between 18 to 100 years of age.

A misdiagnosis of heart attack symptoms can lead to a medical negligence claim where the delay in diagnosis or complete misdiagnosis caused further complications or an exacerbation of symptoms.

If you may have been misdiagnosed first of all seek urgent medical attention before then contacting gocompensate.com (Chattertons Personal Injury and Medical Negligence team) on 0330 102 55 55.

By chattertons, Aug 25 2016 12:46PM

The children's accident and emergency department at Stafford County Hospital have been suspended after senior staff declared it was "not clinically safe".

The hospital previously came into the public spotlight between 2005 and 2008 after hundreds of patients died through "appalling" levels of care and now due to staff shortages have been forced to close the doors of the accident and emergency department to people aged under 18.

In Lincolnshire, staff shortages have also caused the closure of accident and emergency at Grantham Hospital from 6.30pm to 9am every night over the next three months and have caused local residents to hold an evening vigil in protest.